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Out There at the MLS Cup!

Switcheroo! Goalkeeper Alex Bono interviews Melissa!

The Toronto FC win the MLS Cup! Goalkeeper Alex Bono celebrates the win by interviewing the game's MVP - who else but Melissa DiMarco!


Melissa DiMarco talks to MLS cup MVP Jozy Altidore about his game winning goal! What was going through his head as he made his move?


Oh Captain My Captain!

Melissa DiMarco asks Toronto FC captain Michael Bradley how fans support the team. What does their support mean to Bradley going from Toronto's defeat last year to this new chance at the MLS Cup?

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 Who's Cooler than Cool?


Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan of the Seattle Sounders have a friendly disagreement about which of them is coolest!


Melissa Parla Italiano!


Melissa attempts to interview Toronto FC star Sebastion Giovinco in the language of his home country: Italian! 


Keep Warm!


Seattle Sounders Forward Jordan Morris tells Melissa how he handles the cold weather.


 Jonathan Osario's First Coach


Melissa sits down with Toronto FC Midfielder Jonathan Osario and his father to talk about how their relationship inspired Jonathan's playing style!



Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei tells Melissa what it takes to keep a six game shutout streak going.


Proud Parents


Jozy Altidore of Toronto FC talks about the support he gets from his family.


Game Plan


Toronto FC midfielder and former Barcelona player Victor Vazquez talks with Melissa about how tough Seattle goalkeeper Stefan Frei was during the MLS cup




Melissa asks Toronto FC star Sebastian Giovinco how the team approached the final match differently from last year.


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