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Out There Sports Compilation

 Melissa DiMarco has highlights of her own!

Melissa DiMarco has been Out There covering the sports world. She has interviewed everyone from championship winners to hall of fame players.Check out some highlights from Out There's sports coverage. 

Out There Sports Coverage


Alexander Ovechkin tells Melissa how it felt to win the Stanley cup for his team, The Washington Capitals, for the first time since the team joined the NHL in 1974. Ovechkin also received the Conn Smythe Trophy which is awarded to the Most Valuable Player of the playoffs. 

 Ready for the World Cup!

Russia is the host of the 2018 World Cup and it kicks of June 14, 2018. Armando Cooper and Panama will be competing in the World Cup for the first time. Melissa Dimarco talked to Panama's midfielder Armando Cooper about the difference between winning the MLS Cup and the World Cup. 

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 It's all about the team!

Toronto Argonauts quarterback Ricky Ray sounds off on why his team is so special to him.

 Oh Captain My Captain!

Melissa DiMarco asks Toronto FC captain Michael Bradley how fans support the team.


Melissa DiMarco talks to MLS cup MVP Jozy Altidore about his game winning goal!

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 Who's Cooler than Cool?


Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan of the Seattle Sounders have a friendly disagreement about which of them is coolest!


Go to Girl - Grey Cup up close! 

The Go to Girl has been called in to protect the Grey Cup! But it takes more than elbow grease to keep the Cup clean. It takes preparation and planning! What will Melissa do to keep the Grey Cup shiny and spotless?


Switcheroo! Goalkeeper Alex Bono interviews Melissa!


The Toronto FC win the MLS Cup! Goalkeeper Alex Bono celebrates the win by interviewing the game's MVP - who else but Melissa DiMarco!


Go to Girl - Facing her toughest opponents!


Melissa meets up with Diontae Spencer and Kyries Herbert of the Montreal Alouettes to help them face off against their toughest opponents!



Out There at the Pan am Games!


Throw back to when we covered the 2015 Pan Am games in Toronto, Canada. We had so much fun interviewing medal winning athletes, cheering on the events, covering the opening and closing ceromonies and of coarse receiving our pan am swag! Check out some photos and videos from our coverage. 

Interviewing Canadian karate bronze medalist Jusleen Virk

Melissa DiMarco opening her Pan Am swag!

Watching the parade of champions at the closing ceramonies. 

Team Canada at the opening ceramonies.

Broadcasters commentary book. 

Artistic Gymnastics gold medalist Ellie Black

Alex Singleton puts his

best foot forward

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