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Meet The Family

I never thought I’d have to cross paths with my high school nemesis again, but then Izzy (Christena Gaunce) showed up! It’s not enough for her to throw subtle shade at me, but then she tries to re-steal my high school boyfriend? 

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Well, I decided not to get a new art director, but the art director! However, creativity comes at a cost, as Arr (Mathieu Alepin) and his vision is too much to handle!

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Room Service

When you have the opportunity to go to France, you just have to try ‘authentic’ French food! I did, and let me tell you it is so much better than it is here! Thank you to the lovely room service attendant (Nessya Dayan) for bringing them to me, though I hope my enthusiasm didn’t scare her off!

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It’s tough finding ‘Mr. Right’, but when my assistant (Janine John) comes to my aid, it’s as easy as pie! First though, we have to sort through all the duds, and trust me, there are some MAJOR ones in there! Talk about a sausage party…

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Private Detective

When my purse is stolen and the cops won’t do anything, there’s only one person I can turn to (no, its not Batman). I need a private detective who won’t play by the rules and get the job done. My P.I. (Liz Freeman) is tough, but maybe too tough for me. Or maybe, I’m not tough enough for her… I just want my Dirty Harriet.

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What are the chances that I’d end up hijacking someone’s cab and end up meeting a cute guy?! Greg (Jordan Grey) is a pilot and you could say things flew right off the runway immediately! We clicked instantly, just like peanut butter and pickles! All he’d have to ask is to come fly away with him…

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Mini Holmes

Unloading on girlfriends can release a lot of pressure and thankfully I have Mini Holmes on the receiving end of my troubles! I tell her all about my pilot who go away and she lends an open ear. It’s good to have some gal pals!

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Frank & JJ

When you’re in the entertainment industry, you’re always surrounded by such diverse and eccentric people. Take newby JJ (Javon Nelson) or veteran, and my friend, Frank (Mark Grice) for instance. From food to clothing choices, we always look to help each other out and make sure we look our best! Or at least, I try to…

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Josh & Quinton

If you’re as busy as me, you can understand how there never seems to be enough time in the day for dating of any kind. I thought I’d try my hand at speed dating and met one stud, Josh (Nick Smythe), who clicked pretty well, and one dud, Quinton (Quentin Matheson) who wanted me to meet his mother. I can handle a lot in 5 minutes, but not that much!

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It always sucks when life gets in the way of important business! I step out for one second to make a personal call, and the pr rep (Brendan Nasr) gives away my interview spot to my competition and collegue  Frank! Oh man, I am so disappointed!

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It can be intimidating to put yourself out there online – especially when it involves dating! What kind of picture can I use to get people to notice my profile? Thankfully, our accounting manager Lee (Anne Jo) is kind enough to take my photo for me! And by that I mean it’s her face as my profile pic. What could go wrong?

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Ugh, I hate those mornings after a night out where I ‘indulged’ a little too much, but those mornings can be even worse when the Dom (Dominic Tudino) calls early to talk work stuff. Sometimes my brain just can’t take it and on a morning like this, that is especially true!

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Cousin Gino

Family is improtant to Melissa and Italians have more cousins and cousin Gino (Rick Cordeiro) is a one. He may not be the swiftest of the cousins but he loves people and Melissa. We know family is involved in Melissa'slife and Gino is always helpng with with help that doesn't always, or never pays off but we wouldn't have it any other way. When Cousin Gino is involved hilarity ensues. 

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Well, here I am as an international woman of mystery in London, England getting ready for the big Bond anniversary! 007 always gets a Bond girl, though, so I need my own DiMarco cameraman and I’ve got one with Rupert (Jamie Murrary), a charismatic smooth talker who takes things with a laissez-faire attitude! Just a shame I need to brush up on my English lingo. Things can definitely get ‘shaken’ in communication!

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Melody & Jimmy

When I’m in a mad scramble to recover a missing DVD, I met Melody and Jimmy, the owners of a very nice Thai restaurant. Let me tell you, Jimmy was nice and very helpful, but I think I’m more embarrassed about the things I said and did than about that missing DVD! I mean, who think it’s a good idea to buy a pig while drunk? I didn’t even know there was a black market for pigs!

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