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Arrival in Ottawa! Getting Ready for Grey Cup Festivities!

When travelling from Toronto to Ottawa to cover the Grey Cup (one of Canada's biggest sport events) I didn’t want to be stuck in a car or caught in traffic so I thought, “Why not take the train?”

Opting for an alternative form of transportation like Via Rail was a smart idea, because instead of keeping my eyes on the road, I got a lot of things done like prepping for my interviews, eating a delicious breakfast, and even sneaking in a quick cat nap!

Once I arrived in Ottawa, I picked up my Grey Cup press passes - there are two, one for the game and one for the festival. Because being “Out There” of course I need all-access!

Then I dropped by the Courtyard Marriott East and checked-in with their friendly staff.

The last time I was in Ottawa, the Argos won the Grey Cup and they had a little help from me, take a look:

Will I be their lucky charm again? Or will the Stampeders consult this Go-To-Girl? Stay tuned!

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